It’s here! Check out the 2018 collection from our friends at FXR.

Winnipeg, MB  – Snowmobiling is a passion fueled by adrenaline and a desire to reach the world’s most incredible playgrounds challenged by tough terrain and constantly changing weather conditions.

The new 2018 FXR Snow Collection reflects this passion and experience.  Our ongoing quest to develop products that encourage people to get out there and enjoy riding. Our FXR development team and the incredible team of ambassador riders around the world live and ride in our gear in every condition imaginable.

Collectively we focus on elevating total rider experience where safety, fit, mobility and performance meet the cutting edge of our proprietary, high-performance technologies.

The FXR brand is trusted by more riders than any other. It has the right products to suit every type of rider and every type of riding. FXR continues to be bold and fashion forward leading the way with colour and style selection, allowing riders to mix, match to create their unique, personalized look.

The 2018 FXR Snow Collection is setting a new standard in high-performance snow gear with function, fit, and fashion. Gear and accessories are available at dealerships and online now.

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Our Snow line has over 150 pieces of innovative snow wear, please see for the complete line.

Technology: F.A.S.T™

True life-saving technology

FXR’s proprietary F.A.S.T™ insulation retains buoyancy properties for up to 2hrs when worn as a suit, assisting the rider to level off, lift their legs, get back on top of the ice, drain water quickly as the rider exits the water, and retain insulating properties even when wet.

F.A.S.T™ technology gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected whenever there is a possibility of riding on, or being exposed to, ice or open water.

F.A.S.T™ has long been a staple in key performance/touring gear such and the men’s and women’s Team series of jacket and pants, and has now been added to the crossover category for 2018 in the all-new men’s Mission FX and women’s Renegade X series.

F.A.S.T™ is used in all FXR child/youth outerwear and should be a major consideration for any parents living in the snow belt.

Technology: ACMT™ System

ACMT™ is a system that combines dual-layered HydrX Pro™ laminates and seam-sealed linings, creating a dual layer moisture shield that not only dramatically improves a garment’s ability to remain waterproof and breathable, but also greatly reduces condensation inside the garment by acting similarly to a dual lens goggle that creates a dual moisture shield against the damp and cold.

For 2018 FXR has expanded its ACMT™ technology into lightweight, high performance, tri-laminate outerwear with the all-new Mission Lite Tri-Lam jacket and Helium Lite Tri-Lam monosuit. These pieces set a new performance standard for lightweight riding apparel that offers unrestricted mobility and provides the waterproof/breathable and anti-condensation benefits that only FXR’s ACMT™ system can provide.

Technology: Dri-Link™

The all new FXR Elevation Dri Link™ suit is another FXR industry first. The jacket and pant are linked at the waist with a 360° zipper which provides protection from the elements like a monosuit with the higher inseam and mobile fit of a two piece. The linked fit is extremely versatile for both short and tall riders alike and allows increased mobility and proper fit. When both pieces are attached, the Dri Link™ allows increased warmth for colder days while removing the Dri Link™ on warmer days provides maximum cooling and air exchange.

Technology: High Performance Racewear

Tested and proven by champions like Kody Kamm (ISOC Pro Open Champ), Aki Philaja (ISOC  Pro Lite Champ), Brock Hoyer (X Games Sno-Bike Champ) and Peter Narsa (X Games Snocross Champ)

FXR’s Cold Cross Race Ready jacket and pants were initially developed as custom made, high performance racewear for factory snocross racers. The durable, lightweight, Omni-Stretch shell materials allow the riders to move freely on the sled, offering protection from roost and crashes without restricting the riders. FXR has now made our high performance racewear available to all racers and weekend warriors that want to experience the lightest, most comfortable, durable race gear on the market. Join the FXR race team and step into your own personal factory ride.

BLade 2.0 Helmet

The new completely reengineered Blade 2.0 Helmet provides higher quality performance, comfort, style and protection. The mouthpiece is now integrated in order to improve strength and style. A visor peak bumper and breakaway screws have been added to improve durability and protection while the adjustable high-flow shape reduces drag. The rear diffuser has been redesigned to better transfer impact load to compatible neck braces. The helmet features a quick release auto buckle that is easily adjustable and handled even while wearing gloves. Dual, progressive density EPS cheek pads, redesigned eye port trim and nose guard improve the fit. The industry’s best multi-point adjustable breath box and 365 vent control provide adequate ventilation and comfort.

All-new FXR goggle lineup

The all new FXR goggle lineup features impact resistant pre-curved polycarbonate lenses, triple density molded, load spreading face foam ensuring premium fit and comfort. The updated frame shape and high quality strap with 3X silicone grip allows for effortless integration with FXR helmets offering maximum protection.

Advanced Protective Footwear

The all-new Elevation LITE Pro BOA® Dual Zone Boot provides the highest level of support and protection in a fixed liner boot. FXR engineered a1.5” taller tongue with an integrated full-flex molded tongue inset for maximum frontal impact protection and flex control. When combined with FXR’s molded inner heel flex insert, it gives the rider the best possible support and protection in a lightweight fixed liner boot, without restricting the rider’s movements on the sled.

Although the same high quality BOA® H3 components continue to be used, the configuration has been changed from the BOA® Focus system to a new BOA® Dual Zone system that improves both the flex action and durability of the boot.

Performance Short-cuff Gloves

FXR is introducing multiple short-cuff performance gloves to the lineup for 2018.

Engineered for optimal handlebar grip, feel, and dexterity, these gloves give the rider the best possible connection to the handlebar so that they can push the limits without any restrictions.

The zippered short cuff with wrist extension integrates with the jacket cuff extension to prevent snow and cold intake so there is no need to go to a gauntlet glove that covers the forearm of the jacket. The all-new CX Short Cuff Glove is moderately insulated for colder temperatures.

The all-new Transfer Short Cuff Glove is lightly insulated on the outer with an un-insulated palm for the ultimate handlebar feel in warmer riding conditions on either the Sled or Sno-Bike.