ERX is an all-season motorsports facility located in Elk River, MN, right off US Highway 169. In the winter season, ERX is a full-service snocross racing and training facility featuring our own Grass-Roots Snocross Series as well as regional ISOC events. ERX also features open snocross practice on a massive, professionally constructed and maintained snocross track. In the summer ERX turns into a Beater-X® track for a Baja Style Car Racing Series. We are a racing destination for riders and fans near and far, but you did't hear it from us...

"Wanted to say we absolutely love ERX. We have turned several people on to ERX and they Always come away loving it too. Thanks for putting on fantastic kid friendly events!! Me and the Kids love sitting in trucker’s row watching from the back of the Yukon. Also great job with the pictures on the website! It makes us laugh and tell others about ERX when we can show them a picture of a minivan 3 feet in the air with the driver giving the peace sign out the window! HILARIOUS! Keep up the great work and we will keep coming!"

-Troy Zincke

"Blair Tischaefer (12 years old) placed 3rd in the transition class at Canterbury. I give some credit to the Learn to Ride Clinic. I really thought the day was fantastic! Well worth the five hour drive."

- Dawn Tischaefer

"I just wanted to email you and thank you for a great experience on sat. My boy was the only 120 up there. Mitch and all the riders up there were great, the other riders were high fiving and helping my boy out. For example, he got stuck and instead of me having to run out there, a another rider drove over and helped in out!! Great group of people up there!! Thanks again and look forward to coming back up!"

- Jeremy Baudoin

"Thanks for donating the Tickets to us. Nick (My little) and myself had a great time especially with the unexpected free food and drinks. We love to come up again sometime soon. Again thanks for being partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters. It was well worth the time."

- Jason Davis – Big Brother – BBBS of Central MN

"Beater-X is one of the best low-buck racing ideas of the year!"

- Dave Despain, Host of Speed Channel’s Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain

"Thank you keep up the great work at ERX its sick!! I love how it has trail classes and everything.. everyone is nice.. it's just awesome!"

- Dylan

"ERX is a fun place to race. Thanks again!"

- JoEllyn Wicht

"First we would like to thank you and your team for a wonderful race session! We really admire all the hard work each of you do. A job well done!! We and our family members have really enjoyed ourselves."

- Curt and Carrie Downs

"Thank you for the passes you donated to our family through Big Brothers Big Sisters for the snow cross races. We had a great time! Thanks again and have a great day!"

- Tammy Oliver

"Thank you for the great racing sat. and sun. My kids really enjoyed it. The kids loved the 120 class, they thought it was awesome!"

- Ben Skogquist

"My boys had a wonderful experience at the ERX ride clinic! The staff, organizers and the riders were awesome. We live in Central Iowa and the boys broke down the clinic the entire 6 hours on the way home. Having the pro riders there and being so approachable was really a big hit. My kids are already in for next year. I was very impressed with the facility and what your goals are for teaching youth riders. We are planning on coming back up and hopefully racing. Thank you once again for providing a huge experience for my boys."

- Lance Keith

"I was unfortunately out of town on business and not able to be there. But, Jeff, my husband and Parker thought it was a great event. Parker said he learned so much and all of the pros and semi-pros were super cool and fun to hang out with. Jeff said it was well worth the fee and agreed that it was a great learning session. Sounds and looks like from the pictures on Dave's website, that it was a great turnout. I know last year I had mentioned to Chris at the women's clinic that something along this line would be great and he successfully implemented a great event, beyond what we expected. Looking forward to future events like this. I can only imagine all of the planning hours into the event. Also, tell Chris and the rest of the crew who helped w/ the ISOC race that it was a great event despite the cold weather. Thanks again for everything."

- Melany Wynn

"Jacob had a great time and thought it was very educational. The staff did a great job It was definately worth the drive & $$. It is not often that expectations are exceded, but ERX did! Please pass on this praise (and thanks) to Chris, Todd & everyone else that helped make it happen."

- Jeff Geeseman