Join us Thursday 3/23 at 5:30pm for the high banked snowmobile racing action you won't want to miss.  By popular demand, the Snow Oval is set to feature the return of the 2-Up Race and Mechanics Race!
For the past few seasons, weather hasn't permitted us to  host the annual Grassroots Snocross finale, the Snow Oval. This year, we were more determined than ever to make it happen.

The track build is underway and we are expecting temps in the high 30's. We hope to see you there!


The snow oval is a fun, feel-good race. We will run the format the same as we run our regular snocross races.  We can anticipate more vintage sleds because of the smooth oval race.  We will run 2 rounds and the overall points winner for the day will place 1-3.  The 2 up race is a race where you have two people on the sled.  The mechanics race is usually a race where its like a relay style race one person drives the sled 2-3 laps and then pulls up hops off the sled and then the other person takes over.  If we have enough participants we will also have a powder puff race for mom's/girlfriends.

All classes are welcome. Racers can register now: