Attention snocross athletes and parents: 

Curt Carbaugh is the owner of Acceleration North in Arden Hills and Hudson, WI.   He is running a snocross specific strength and conditioning program for any rider 10yrs old and up that wants to put in some hard work before Duluth.  Curt’s history with training snocross riders dates back to Robbie Malinoski from 2007 until he retired.  Curt has also worked with the following riders on and off the past 6 years:

Darrin Mees, Andrew Carlson, Ryan Springer, Tyler Adams, Cole Cottew, Justin Broberg, Dylan Jansen, Kaden Woodie, Taven Woodie, Steve Walter, Jordan Wolfe, Matt Ufford, Colton and Dawson Lugert, Amanda Duitsman, Ethan Aune, Taylor Cole, AJ Stoffle, Alex Berglund, Andrew Lindholm,  Andrew Knoll, Mitch Gross, Josh Clark, Ross Ilstrup, Trevor Leighton, Colby Crapo, and Marcus Ogemar-Hellgren.   

Curt has been a strength and conditioning coach for 22 years and continues to find innovative ways to push athletes to their individual potential.  This program is geared toward high rep/cardio circuit training with free weights, bands, sleds, and machines in a fashion that pushes the body and mind to the same fatigue points riders feel when competing.  Mobility in the groin, hips, and hamstrings is also an important aspect of this training for better cornering and range of motion.  The goal of Curt’s training is to learn how to get your body strong and mobile while pushing the fatigue levels to the highest possible points so that riding a sled isn’t that physically demanding. 

Curt can train you in person once or twice a week OR he can meet with you in person and send you workouts via email to use during the season.  Pricing and cost depends on how you want to integrate this into your weekly routine.

For more information, please email or call him at 612-817-4104.

Arden Hills -

Hudson, WI -

[left] Featured: Pro Open rider Ryan Springer