With just over one month away from the first Beater-X® race of the season, there’s plenty of time to pop out the windows and install a roll cage in a beater car, truck or SUV. (Click here for the rulebook and vehicle safety requirements

We’re offering FREE registration for all new Beater-X® drivers for the first two rounds (June 1st and June 22nd). Offer does not apply to current or past Beater-X® participants. Offer applies to all Beater-X® classes, including UTV and quad classes. 

To take advantage of this offer, email our Race Director, Heidi Goodin at hgoodin@sportechinc.com or call (763) 712-3965 and ask for Heidi. 

What is Beater-X®?

Our Beater-X® Race Series is an entry level/grassroots form of racing consisting of compact cars, small trucks, UTVs and ATVs, competing on an all dirt race track. Adding to the excitement is a track layout that utilizes small rolling jumps, elevation changes, and tight corners to create an extreme form of racing the average guy/gal can compete in.

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